Interactive Performance Concert

Welcome to Noema's groundbreaking Interactive Performance Concert. The project creates an unforgetable experience for all participants, a living and breathing microcosmos, that combines Club Culture, Music, Dance, Physical Theatre and Performance in a revolutionary way.

The structure of the performance is like an experimental game and consists of a Concert, Movement, Stage Design and Costumes. The audience is invited to participate in all of these elements. The build-up sets a framework in which they together can shape the performance with simplest means. Despite the simplicity of each single element, through interaction and combination a complex piece with high artistsic merit emerges.

The center piece is a minimal composition by Noema that you can see below. While the music will be played the audience is invited to join the performance with simple movements and actions as well as paint the stage design!

This monumental creative firework offers space for up to 100 participants playing together at the same time. Together we will playfully create a Gesamtkunstwerk through the power of communal effort that is both artistically breathtaking and a lot of fun for everybody involved.

Come and play with us!


If you have a ticket for Garbicz Festival 2022 and are interested to join our ensemble
please write your name and Instrument to onur@themagicmovement.com

Limited Capacity! We will confirm your attendance.




Here you can listen and play along to the patterns to practice: